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When most people think about retirement, they simply think of an age or an amount of money to retire with. These two factors alone aren’t enough to secure a prosperous retirement. The Basics of Annuities aims to help you address important questions that pertain to your retirement planning needs in an effort to help you get closer to reaching your goals now and in retirement. 


About Us

Future Planning


If you are considering retiring in the near future, you've probably heard or read that you need about 70% of your end salary to live comfortably in retirement. But, that may not be true for you, there are lots of factors to consider, to know what your situation requires, call me.

A Proven Approach


We start by clarifying your risk tolerance and current and future needs, and explain the different ways we can help. We analyze your goals and compare them to your current portfolio. So we can recommend a strategy designed to meet your risk tolerance, using the systems that work best.

Why Me?


Tim is an independent life and annuity agent, licensed in several states, living in Tampa Florida. He works with retirees and pre-retirees to offer safe options for their retirement funds, to help eliminate the number one concern of seniors which is running out of money. Big State Financial helps people create customized retirement plans for individuals and their families.

Stop Losing Money with volatile plans

Life insurance can be that missing piece to your family plan, Let me explain

Not All Annuities are the Same

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do you understand why your trusted advisor is presenting a certain product?
  • Do you know the primary purpose the product serves?
  • Does the product address a specific financial need or goal you have?
  • Do you understand how the product will help you meet your need or goal?
  • Do you know how the product compares against other options? 
  • Do you understand the limitations of the product? 
  • Does your Risk Tolerance level, match that of the product?
  • Do you understand the potential tax implications of the product?
  • Do you know which aspects of the product are Guaranteed, and which are not?

Guaranteed Income

Our Goal is to create strategies designed to provide predictable income for life:

  • Protected from Market Volatility
  • Adjusted for inflation
  • Tax Efficient
  • Create Paychecks for Life
  • Guaranteed and Backed by       A-Rated Companies

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Have you reviewed your plan?


Tim Hoppes

Creating a financial retirement plan is essential for your future. Reviewing that plan to make sure you stay on track is equally important.  Have you:

  • Prepared for unexpected medical or long term expenses?
  • Created predictable paychecks  for as long as you live?
  • Created a system to retain more of your money through Tax efficiency?
  • Maximized your Social Security income?
  • Protect and plan your legacy?

No Obligation Review


MediCare in Tampa Bay

Reach out to me to help make your next step in HealthCare an easy one

Medicare can be a complicated project to undertake , but it doesn't have to be. There are lots of options to make sure you get a plan that works for you. Be careful hearing from friends about how great their plan is, it may be, for them, it may also be good for you, but it may not be. Every situation is different, and what works for some may be the wrong thing for you. Click on the button below and request more information, I have many ways to be of assistance, but it all starts with you asking for guidance, I look forward to hearing from you, and Congratulations, you made it this far!! 

Not affiliated with the US Government or Federal Medicare Program.

A licensed agent may contact you regarding this insurance-related information.

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